Repair Or Replace: What To Do With Your Cell Phone When The Screen Is Broken

If you need mobile phone screen repair services, it's time to consider not only the repair costs, but the potential benefits of having the screen repaired over just replacing the phone entirely. Which is best for you?

Here's a guide to help you understand if cell phone screen repair is right for you. You'll get a quote for repairing the screen from your cell phone screen repair specialist so you know what costs to anticipate.

Is your phone under warranty?

If you have cell phone insurance, or you just bought your phone, it may have a warranty or other protections on the screen to allow for replacement. Check with your cell phone provider to see if you can get cell phone screen repair done at low or no cost.

Is your phone newer?

If your phone is a newer model or you have it paid off and you aren't planning on upgrading anytime soon, then now may be the time to consider cell phone screen repair over replacement. Often, it's much cheaper to replace a broken or cracked screen than it is to buy a whole new phone, and you get to keep the photos, apps, and other features you have on your phone already when you have the screen fixed.

Is your phone in good shape?

If your cell phone is an older model but otherwise in great condition other than the screen, talk to a cell phone screen repair specialist to see what your costs to repair the screen would be. Odds are, you'll get some more quality time out of the phone when you get a brand-new screen put in, without the costs of buying a new phone.

Is your phone repairable?

Perhaps the biggest question is this: can the screen be repaired so your phone operates the way it did prior to breaking the screen? The answer lies in how you broke your phone, what other damages may exist, and a few other factors. Odds are, your phone can have the screen repaired, but if you have other things to fix in addition to this, it might be cheaper to just invest in a new phone and use your current one for parts.

Take your phone to a local cell phone screen repair service to see what they can do about your cell phone. If you can have your phone fixed onsite, then you can get your phone back within a short time. If the cell phone has to have parts ordered in or if your phone has to be sent off to fix it, expect your wait time to be longer.